Scenario - Rugby/Football

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Scenario - Rugby/Football

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Say you were a talented sportsman, talented enough to play both Rugby and Football professionally, for 10 years, from the age of 20 to 30, you have an equal passion for both.

You had the choice between picking either sport first, with the rule being that you would have to leave to pursue a professional career, in the other sport, at the age of 25 (5 years)

In order to achieve the most you could, in both sports, which one would you choose first, and what would your reasons be?

I'm edging toward Football first, Rugby second.

a) Pure % terms, the chance of injury in RUgby is greater, so the risk of picking up a serious injury that would kill any career in football afterwards, would be higher, where as although injuries are still common in Football, a torn ACL is different to a broken neck or spinal injury.

b) You have the chance to make far money in Football, enough to make you set for life.

My major con to the above, getting into physical Rugby shape, and the time it would take to transition from Football to Rugby, in most positions, would be longer, in my opinion, and could be detrimental to your success.
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Re: Scenario - Rugby/Football

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Football first.

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Re: Scenario - Rugby/Football

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As some people know I've played a decent level in both codes of rugby and now I'm just in my 50s I'm starting to suffer.

My eldest plays a good level of youth RL and whilst I love watching him play I worry about his future health so If he still has a decent chance of making a few quid I'm going to steer him to RU as he will make far more playing that sport and it's a less physical than RL

To answer the OP question I'd play football first and second 😉👍

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