Vaccine passports.

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Re: Vaccine passports.

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Also, there’s no way they’ll be checking 15,000 or so phones for vaccine passes or LFT texts/emails before letting people in the Liberty so I wouldn’t be worrying too much about it.

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Re: Vaccine passports.

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True though, innit. These paper card things signed by the nurse are bloody useless, anyone could sign one. Only an electronic register (which the nhs have) will work. No idea what the card things are for.

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Re: Vaccine passports.

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I’m all for saving lives but this discriminates against some of the old folk who haven’t got a scooby about smart phones, QR codes or smart phones. I know you can get a letter sent but you need to be tech savvy to even get that.

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Re: Vaccine passports.

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As I have no passport or driver licence with photo Id.I contacted the Nhs vaccine team for a certificate.As these are only valid for a month I believe,I will have to try and apply for one to coincide with the end of the previous one,so I do not miss any games.The advisor seemed to think ,but was not sure that you can only have one.So I will just have to get a lateral flow test two days before the games.
This is going to be a lot of hassle ,I cant help thinking this is going to affect the attendance at the stadium eventually.

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