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by monmouth
17 Jan 2021 20:23
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Topic: Steve cooper
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Re: Steve cooper

Well I reckon I was his most abusive critic, and I absolutely stand by the fact that I believe he talked his way into the job on powerpoint by claiming things he couldn't deliver, and we are still hardly the free flowing football team that was mooted he would bring. Plus I still think we could have been top two last year with the squad a that he inherited if he could have continued their trajectory. BUT he has moulded us into a really very effective unit and is improving all the time, so I feel my original language was far too intemperate, but I said throughout that I hoped he would improve. I'm actually starting to enjoy the clean sheets and defending more than slick passing at the moment. I actually shouted 'yes' when Ayew headed away a dangerous corner yesterday.

So after that self justification :lol: :lol: I still wouldn't say he's oystandun, but he's a hell of a lot better than I thought he would be. So I was wrong, given we need stability. Do you want that bigger anyone? I WAS WRONG. He also seems to be growing up with his pressers. I really hope it all continues. The club actually feels as if it is on the up at the moment, with Scott, and the new youngsters' coach.