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by STID2017
18 Jan 2021 07:59
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Topic: Steve cooper
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Re: Steve cooper

Badlands wrote:
17 Jan 2021 13:08
Still don't like him, still not making the most of our talented squad.
Great win yesterday but IMO down to the quality of the players.
The quality of the players that he has helped to put together (signing in some cases, giving opportunities to in others Ayew in particular, ) but also his coaching is what brings the most out of some players who have struggled before with us or elsewhere.
The players clearly enjoy working with him and playing for him.
Last season, until we resumed, he seemed very hit and miss, since we resumed we have been excellent on the whole.
He will make mistakes and is still learning, but is by far the best actual coach we have had in years.
We will miss him when / if he goes.
It is a combination that make the players loo quality.
Look at Brewster - if we had got promoted and he had stayed with us, he would have been doing 100% better
Hats off to Cooper