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The Ref’s Watch – Barnsley and Nottingham Forest

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Due to the unexpected cancellation of the Blackburn game. I am analysing the Barnsley and Blackburn game.

First for the Barnsley game. This was for certain one game where the Swans were beneficial from decision is an understatement. Had the decisions been the other way round the ref and especially the assistant would have been blasted for their decisions.

There were 3 talking points in this game.

  1. In first half. There was a coming together between Ben Cabango & Barnsley attacker. It did seem that Cabango (who was last man) seemed to pull on the attacker as he fell. As a ref, it’s easier to give the defender the decision as otherwise you’re giving a red card for it.
  2. Lowe goal was definitely offside. There was certainly not a 2nd aspect of play. As mentioned, had this been given against the Swans, the ref/assistant would have been slated pillar to post.
  3. Potential handball against Smith. His arm was a long way from him and in an unnatural position. Had a decision not been given for Swans for this. The referee would have been received some serious flack.

What I really liked about this game was the comments of the Barnsley manager.

I loved him saying that if his defenders did their jobs properly then there wouldn’t be an issue. So many managers will focus on a referee mistake rather than their team’s errors.

For the Nottingham Forest game there was one major talking point. That penalty.

As a supporter I find myself thinking that it’s about time that Swans are getting favourable decisions. Furthermore, every time Kevin Friend reffed the Swans in Premier, you would hear the comment, “Kevin Friend, he’s no friend of the Swans.”

This was one game that he was.

It also demonstrates that the Swans have become far more cynical. For many, many seasons I have thought that we’re ‘too nice’ a team and we don’t dive. For me Manning clearly put his foot into the Forest defender who appeared stationary.

Had this decision gone against the Swans, I would be saying it was a dive & yellow card. However, as a supporter as mentioned previous, I’m glad to see us doing it as we’ve had it done so many times to us.

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