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The Ref’s Watch – Stevenage

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After taking a little break over Christmas to just enjoy the Swans 🦢 rather than analyse. It’s good to cast my ref’s eyes over the Stevenage game.

I was extremely annoyed to how the goal keeper was allowed to play in similar kit to the Swans. At local level you would be receive a very low grade irrespective of how you ref. This can be hard to take especially if you have a good game like I thought the ref had.

His positioning was very good and always up with play.  He made a very good  decision not to award a penalty against Woodman. I think at this level he would have had help from his assistant.

However, for the 2nd penalty claim, not  even the most passionate of Swans supporter could argue that it wasn’t a penalty against us. If not for the Manning tug, then had 2nd option for Gyokeres hand ball were both blatant. The ref could and should have booked for which he saw first.

What has been interesting the last few months is the amount of supporters of teams out of the Premier League asking for VAR when decisions go against them. Especially for the most minimal of offsides. Yet at Premier league level as soon as it’s the other way round supporters don’t like it.

This raises the question what do people want?

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