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Déjà vu for the ref’s watch

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For the Forest & Middlesborough games. It for certain seems a case of Déjà vu.  As this could quite easily be a copy of my last article. With very similar circumstances.

For the Forest game, it seemed that the ref seemed to give very favourable decisions for Swans. Especially with the 50/50 calls seemed to go our way. There wasn’t what I describe as a major or contentious decision to mention. There are some games where this just seems to happen, which gives me very little scope to talk about.

However, I did notice what I would call the dark arts of defending. After 80 minutes different Swans players would deliberately roll the ball past the Forest players. Moreover, a Swans would pick up the ball for our throw ins, to pass onto either  Roberts or Bidwell to take it.

This was I would describe as playing right to the edge of the rules. As a supporter it is refreshing to see us become more cynical & street wise, which has been missing.

For the Middlesbrough game, the 50/50 decisions seemed to go against us. The ref especially seemed to take a dislike to Jay Fulton & blow for every time he tackled, yet allowed Middlesbrough players to get away with same challenge. Furthermore, Fulton got booked yet Middlesbrough players got away with it. This is why Cooper took him off before he got sent off. Sometimes, you will take a dislike to a player & give them less favourable decisions.

I thought there was a strong claim for a penalty. If not for the handball then for the foul on Ayew. The reaction from Swans and Middlesbrough players gave it for me. You can tell so much from players body language.


  1. Gwyn John BEM Gwyn John BEM 4 December 2020

    It is time that Keith Stroud retired, he has been around a long time and has refereed the Swans many times and there is no doubt that he holds a grudge against players from a previous game. We have had numerous decisions go against us when Mr Stroud is in the middle, this is disgraceful. We were never going to win at Middlesborough when Mr Stroud was given the fixture, many English referees hate Welsh teams and we have seen this many times over the years.

  2. ian myles ian myles 5 December 2020

    I think some refs are influenced by whoever the manager is such as pulis or warnock as the refs know if decisions go against their team they will kick up a fuss.

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