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A tale of two referees

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Games in the Championship come thick and fast so Jonathan Yeoman’s had doubled up on his latest ref’s watch with a look back over both the Rotherham and Sheffield Wednesday games.   Two games, four points for the Swans and some very key talking points

Rotherham – Saturday 21st

First the Rotherham game. For the first 40 minutes. The referee was blowing up for a lot of fouls which seemed to lose the flow of the game.

However, I have no issues with that as the referee was being consistent. The reason it’s 40 is it was up to the point where Matt Grimes came through the back of a Rotherham player late, yet nothing was given.  This should have been a free kick and a  yellow card.

From that moment on and throughout the 2nd half, the referee seemed to give the Swans very favourable decisions. This was especially highlighted in the 90th minute when Bennett clearly handled, the ref had an excellent view of it as well.

As a supporter I felt myself thinking that it was about time that Swans had a favourable decision our way. This was also highlighted in my last article.

Sheffield Wednesday – Wednesday 25th

Now we move onto the Sheffield Wednesday game.

Before I address ‘That decision!’ (Which I presume every Swans supporter is aware of!)

As a ref I was getting annoyed that whereas the ref was correct to make Connor Roberts take the corners correctly. He was letting free kicks being taken over 5 meters away from where they were supposed to be. He let what I would perceive 2 clear yellow cards go. 1 for Yan Dhanda & 1 for clear foul by Wednesday player.

I think he realised that he had made error so just booked players to make up on his mistakes which is one that some.

Finally, on that decision.  First as always based on law in regards to the clear high foot against Sheffield Wednesday.  If this had been spotted, the correct decision is not a penalty, but an indirect free kick to the Swans.

The whistle had sounded before Palmer scored.  However, I felt that the ref went for the easy option of awarding the defensive side (in this case Sheffield Wednesday) a free kick as there was so much carnage.  This was hard one to take as a supporter.

However, over the 2 games, the both decisions do seem to even them out. But when they go against you, they for certain hurt more

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