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The Ref’s Watch – Norwich

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I found this game quite hard to review as with my Swans supporters eyes getting the better of me on many occasions.

Quite often I found myself shouting at the TV in regards to that it appeared that Swans were getting many decisions against them. However, if you were a Norwich supporter you would say that Swans were late in the tackle and continually fouling.

This is reflected in the major talking point of the game of the penalty decision. Apart from that, there are few incidents to talk about.

Swans supporters will be screaming penalty, whereas Norwich supporters would be saying no way. It’s what I would describe as a 50-50 penalty.

I’ve seen these given in the past and extremely hard to take as a Swans supporter.

It has seemed as of late that the Swans are not getting favourable decisions our way.  Let’s all hope that this turns around.

On a different note, I’m glad to see the international break to allow players to recover from injuries and the hectic playing schedule

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