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The Ref’s Watch – Blackburn & Brentford

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As there was so little to talk about in the last 2 games, I will be combining the both.

For the Blackburn game apart from the penalty that should have been given against Roberts. Without my supporters tinted glasses on, I felt the ref gave the Swans quite a few favourable decisions.

Cabango came right through Blackburn player from behind very early. Some referees will use this as not to book.  Had it been later he probably would have been carded.

For the Brentford game, whereas from a supporters view there were quite a lot of fouls given against the Swans. They were correct, however the Brentford players did seem to roll around a lot.  I thought the ref did well not to be fooled into booking Swans players unnecessary.

Finally, the offside decision.  I know this is going to make me unpopular, but it was correct. Ayew was standing offside from the kick and moved just after the delivery to onside.

I personally really don’t like the new law change which says the linesman isn’t allowed to raise the flag until something happens eg goal etc. It makes you look incompetent.

I would still like to go back to the old off side law of in the words of legend of the late Brian Clough “If you’re on the pitch, you’re offside!”

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