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The Ref’s Watch – Bristol City

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As many of the followers of this blog will probably know, I will take the line of defending the referee.

However, this time I simply cannot!

Before even getting to the award of the penalty, the referee appeared to award free kicks & produce yellow cards against the Swans, yet when exactly same offences were committed by Bristol he did not give them.

Now onto the award of the penalty and what I saw. Roberts deliberately fell over to try and get a foul against the defender. The player fell over Roberts feet. All should have been is a goal kick and at worst a word to Roberts.

I simply cannot fathom why the ref gave it.

A lot of respect goes out to the Bristol City manager, as it’s so refreshing to hear an opposing manager admit that it wasn’t.

My only only explanation is that are certain teams that a referee may not like and sometimes human nature gets the better of them.

Had the same decision been given for the Swans, I would be making exactly the same comment.

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  1. Doug B Doug B 25 October 2020

    Thanks Jon. Are you saying that you think the Ref simply does not like Swansea? I thought Refs, certainly professional refs, would not let any bias like this inform their decisions. Whilst i appreciate they are only human surely they would not let a dislike like this rule them. Have you done the same?

    • Jonathan Yeomans Jonathan Yeomans 25 October 2020

      If was against Cardiff, then for certain!

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