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The Ref’s Watch – Huddersfield

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Jonathan Yeomans is on hand again to case his ref’s eye over the Swans defeat to Huddersfield at the weekend especially factoring in his frustration against a former professional player…

“For this weeks analysis. To say I am exasperated is an understatement.

“My gripe is with clueless ex footballers who do not seem to know the laws of the game.

“I am referencing the correct award of a penalty for the keeper taking Andre Ayew out.

“I thought the referee was excellent to take his time by using his assistant.

“The reason he did this was to check if the ball had gone out of play before the foul. This was superb reffing.

“However, the culprit for My exasperation was by Dean Ashton’s analysis on quest.

“To say it made my blood boil and can only be classed as clueless is an understatement. He stated that the keeper could come flying out and if went into a player then this is fine! Just one word for this NO!!!

“As mentioned earlier the only way it would not be a penalty was if ball had gone out of play first.

Surely the channel record the program in advance & could have pointed this out.”

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