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The Ref’s Watch – Millwall

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The Swans went into the international break on the back of a 2-1 win over Millwall at the Liberty, Jonathan Yeomans casts his refs eye over the game.

I have found this game quite difficult to write about as at first viewing my Swans supporter eyes took control as I was shouting for free kicks and bookings.

However, after taking some time, whereas it could be argued that Millwall appeared to be what is classed as a ‘dirty side’, with neutral eyes it could also be argued that they were a stronger more physical side than the Swans.

With the Cabango penalty incident in the first half, I have seen them given. As a supporter I was shouting for a penalty. However, if this had been awarded against the Swans I would have been far from happy. Moreover, with the potential push by Cabango in last few minutes of the game. Maybe, this was one where the ref thought that he wouldn’t award it due to the earlier one he didn’t. This would add to my point that the referee was consistent.

In regards to the Ayew incident. I am unable to comment on this as I did not see what happened and I don’t think anyone can really make comment apart from the players.

As mentioned earlier, there seemed to be quite a few free kicks and yellow cards that could have been issued. Furthermore, I thought Cabango was quite lucky not to receive a second yellow card.

Although, it appeared that there were quite a lot of fouls missed,. The referee was consistent in what he allowed and let go. Personally, I prefer this style of reffing as there is no call of bias.


  1. Harry Seacombe Harry Seacombe 6 October 2020

    Great analysis Jon.

  2. Floella Floella 6 October 2020

    Good to see an unbiased report. Keep them coming.

  3. Doug B Doug B 6 October 2020

    Great article Jon. Be good to hear you concentrate on just the Ref perspective. As a Swans supporter we know how you would feel or what you would want to see but your Ref view and if you agree or disagree is the part id like you to help us understand.

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