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Kaplan leaves Swansea City?

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On the day when Sky Sports are reporting full transfer deadline news we see news of another departure from Swansea City as Steve Kaplan resigns his directorship of the club – a resignation effective from 21st September.

Companies house records showed the resignation this evening with the date coinciding with the date that Sam Porter – another representative of Kaplan and Levien – was appointed to the board.

Kaplan was appointed as director shortly after he played his part in the well publicised purchase of the club and the news of his resignation is somewhat of a surprise and it isn’t known further as to what this means for his part in the long term ownership of the club.

Along with Jason Levien he has been largely absent from the club since the team’s relegation from the Premier League in 2018 and he has long since rumoured to be the main man behind the ownership with many people commenting that he was the decision maker in the ownership model.

However walking way from a directorship means that this could not be the case and it will be interesting to see how this one develops.

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