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The Ref’s Watch – Wycombe

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Jonathan Yeomans casts his referee’s eye over the Swans win at Wycombe on Saturday – a win that kept up our unbeaten start to the season and also thanks to a third clean sheet.

The Ref’s Watch – Wycombe

Though there were no incidents of note to talk about. This game raised a few issues in a positive manner.

I thought the behaviour of the players from both sides was excellent. There was no diving around and trying to other players booked. Furthermore, when the referee made a decision, the players asked in a polite manner.

For me this allowed the game to flow and the referee ignore the minor  niggly fouls as players were getting on with it.

There was very little protests from the players about the yellow cards. This added to a well mannered game.

I love to ref these types of games & is how football should be.

If players behaved this way there be no need 99% of the modern day controversy.

(With no mention of the hand ball rule or VAR!!)

I would like to mention how all the pundits/ex footballers complain, yet not one of them has enough guts to pick up a whistle & have a go.

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