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The Ref’s Watch – Brentford v Swansea

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As the last ref’s watch of the season, in regards to the game, the only incident was the clash between Roberts & Brentford manager which was dealt with well.

However, there were some clear laws not adhered to: –

  • There was a kit clash between the Swans played & Brentford keeper.
  • There were quite a few free kicks taken from the wrong place.

Overall though, as a game the referee maintained control of a fixture which could have got out of control quite easily.

A mention must to the exceptional Sian Massey who is in my opinion is the best assistant ref in the game. Her off side calls are absolutely first class. There’s no need for VAR when have her! Absolutely first class.

On a different note, there maybe many people who disagree with my comments and the referee’s decisions.

At local level a referee does not have VAR and rarely even assistants. The ref has one look to make and come up with a decision.

When being confronted by players and supporters this can become difficult.  So when you think of shouting abuse at a ref, have a think. Could you do it?

Have any of you ever thought “yes I can”?

For me there is a lot of enjoyment as a ref and I would recommend anyone who has a love for football to give it a go. If this is something you’d be interested in please click on the links below.


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