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Opposing views of the managers

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Unsurprisingly Steve Cooper was a happy man after the Swans won the first leg of their play off semi final thanks to an Andre Ayew goal at the Liberty.

Cooper would have gone through all the nerves that us supporters went through during the 90 minutes but he was full of praise for Ayew who pushed aside the disappointment of a missed penalty to score the winner late on in the game.

He was though adamant that the red card for Henry was a certain red as he explained to Sky Sports his thoughts after the game.

I thought first half was very even tactical game there was much going on with both shapes causing both teams some problems and both had good chances.

The second half was more eventful with the penalty, goal and red card and it is a different territory to know you have another 90 minutes.

The young players handled it really well and it is a 1-0 lead which is an advantage but that only counts if we use it well.

It was a clear red card, I think Henry is a good player but it was dangerous and reckless and I was real happy that Connor got up but it was a clear red

Andre brushed off the disappointment of missing the penalty and when the moment came to score he did – I thought he played better after he missed the penalty. – Steve Cooper

Opposite manager Thomas Frank confirmed that Brentford would appeal the red card and believes that VAR should be in operation for this point in the season given the importance of the prize on offer at the end of the play offs.

I am unbelievably proud of my players.  We were by far the best side until the red card in a good football match between the two sides.

We should have been one up before the penalty, they didn’t have a chance in the second half before that.  We did so much right during the game.

When there is so much at stake people need to be really sure when they make decisions and I cannot understand why we don’t have VAR.  From my point of view it was not a red card, I spoke to the ref outside of this and said it was not a red card and we will be appealing it so he can be available Wednesday – Thomas Frank

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