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Want to become part of our writing team?

Now that we have moved and nicely settled in our new home, we are looking for people to move in with us and become part of the writing team here at Planet Swans.

One of the things that running this website for 20 years has run us is that there is no shortage of views on the Swans and we firmly believe that they should be shared.

You don’t need to have any website building knowledge to be part of our writing team, all we ask is that you keep your views relevant to the Swans (or football in general) and, of course, the right side of any libel laws.

We don’t set a n exact requirement in terms of how often you should be looking to write if you want to be part of the team but in an ideal world you would be prepared to submit a minimum of one or two pieces per month for inclusion and we will ensure that your articles appear on the site and – if you require it – add images to it to showcase it better.

All articles will be featured on our Twitter feed – where we have 13.4k followers and on our facebook page (7.7k followers) so will get a wide exposure to share your views.   If you have your own twitter handle then please let us know too as we will add this to the Twitter feed for you.

In terms of being able to submit the articles you will need a login for the site (that we can provide) but the basis of adding the views to the site is a very simple online entry on a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor that makes writing an article on the site look like creating the most basic of world documents.

If you are interested in joining the team at Planet Swans then please get in touch via email here and we can discuss the finer details from there.

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