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The silence tells a story?

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It has become a predictable pattern that the Swans have created over transfers and one that is genuinely accompanied by complete silence from the board and the owners – a silence that is generally only broken if we win a couple of games or at the point when season ticket sales have slumped to a level that worries them.

A BBC journalist was very active on Twitter this week about requests for interviews going un-fulfilled and that has to tell a story that when people don’t talk it generally means that they have something to hide. Granted, not always but certainly on many occasions.

The only real comments we have had in the last few months have been some rubbish around ‘a master plan to get back in the Premier League which involved selling everyone’ and the usual guff (pre-approved guff usually) from the Americans when journalists from the BBC and Wales Online flew out to see them earlier in the season.

However, you can almost guarantee that if we win the next couple of league games, progress to the 5th Round of the FA cup and make one signing who has a half decent debut then the queue to claim the credit for a golden patch will be as obvious as the one that happened shortly after the appointments of both Paul Clement and Carlos Carvalhal.

You would have assumed at this point, given the first stage of the season ticket window, that the owners/board would be active in the market looking at reasons why people should renew especially when the recent poll on this site alone suggested that around 1 in 3 were not planning to renew. Not that we can speak for anyone who voted but I suspect that a large number of those are because they don’t know the intentions and can therefore only draw conclusions based around what they see.


I find it quite odd that the owners/board are so quiet given the current position. The team has done a magnificent job to still be within sight of the play-offs (although murmurs of discontent between Chairman and manager are starting to surface) and a push in January could significantly make the difference that we would want it to.

Remaining home games are not easy by any stretch but each of them looks potentially winnable if we play to the best of our ability although the away games look much more challenging (trips to Leeds, Norwich, West Brom as an example)

I guess for that interview with the BBC we will have to sit back and wait for a three-game winning streak (damn that dodgy penalty yesterday) or just hope that the local media become just a little more forceful in their requests for people to speak. Especially when the last reference they can use is this one


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