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Ayew Gives His Backing To Monk

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Ayew scored the first of the Swans two goals yesterday and was at the heart of the penalty decision that eventually saw Jonjo Shelvey score the equaliser that earned the Swans a point.

It was a fightback following on from the two goal advantage that was handed to Bournemouth but not enough to see the Swans push on and get the win that they so badly desired.

It has led to louder calls for the replacement of the manager but it seems pretty sure that it is not something that Ayew wants to happen as he explained

“He shows us a lot of support and confidence” Ayew told the Daily Mail

“We were trying to give it back to him on the pitch. He’s a great manager, we know what he did last season. Everything’s going to get back into shape and we just need some time.

“You need that in football when things are difficult. We believe we have great players, a great squad, a great manager and everything will be OK. We just need to keep working hard and don’t give up.

“When you’re in a club like Swansea that wants to grow and you don’t get the results everybody gets the pressure

“That’s normal, but we just want to stay focused on the field and not look at what’s happening outside.

“We just concentrate on the pitch and listen to what the coach has to tell us about the tactics and what he wants to do. That’s what’s important.”


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