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“Cheat” Row At Stoke Not Forgotten

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Monk was never charged by the FA with the use of the word which tends to suggest that the bosses had some sympathy for the way that the Swans were pulled back level in what was an entertaining encounter at the Britannia.

But it was always likely to be a game overshadowed by the penalty incident which saw the Swans lead cancelled out before a late winner from Jonathan Walters gave the home side a win.

And twelve months later it is clear that the memories of that penalty will not quite go away for Rangel “It does upset you when it’s unfair,” said the long-serving full-back. “It takes a few days to move on. But the good thing is that in five or six days you have another game. So, you have to move on. You can’t dwell on it.

“You also realise that mistakes are part of the game. We all make mistakes – players, goalkeepers, strikers missing when they’re in on goal. Referees make mistakes as well. It’s part of the game. If we had perfect referees, then every game would probably be 0-0.

“That decision was a bit harsh, but it did make me realise that in the box you just cannot touch a player. It’s a difficult one for the referees because things look 50-50. In that one he got it wrong but I’ve moved on.

“Sometimes, it could be an unfair penalty that gets us a point or three – so, you have to balance it. We have been robbed sometimes, but we have benefitted at other times. It’s part of the game.”


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