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Rodgers Looks Ahead To “Wonderful” Game Of Football

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Brendan Rodgers was glad that his side were finally getting the recognition that they deserved as he spoke out ahead of Sunday’s visit of Arsenal to the Liberty

There was some level of irony in Brendan’s comments about lazy journalism when one attendee asked him to talk about his new signing – Rory Connelly – summing up that some outlets just make assumptions when talking about the Swans especially at the start of the season.

“I think at the beginning of the season, there was a lot of lazy journalism from people who didn’t know what Swansea were about,” Rodgers said.

“What we have done so far this season has not surprised me because I always had belief in my players, but I think it has surprised a lot of other people.

“I am not talking about journalists in Swansea or in the rest of Wales, but there were some elsewhere who were getting paid their salaries but did not know what they were talking about.

“We had commentators and pundits not even getting the names of our players right.

“Then there were the comparisons with Blackpool, which thankfully have subsided now.

“We are nothing like Blackpool — we have had clean sheets in nearly 50 per cent of matches this season, which is an incredible record.

“I can understand that people look at ourselves and Blackpool as two clubs who maybe ‘shouldn’t’ have gone up, but that’s where the comparison ends.

“We have seen that the way we do things can bring us success,” Rodgers boomed.

“Your philosophy is judged in games like Tottenham last time we were at home.

“We had played ever so well but found ourselves 1-0 down against the team everyone is talking about as potential champions.

“That’s when your beliefs get judged, and we actually passed Tottenham almost to a standstill in the second half.

“That’s not just me saying that — they were the words of Harry Redknapp.

“I think that game helped us take another step forward.

“It allowed us to go and win at Aston Villa in our next game, and after that I sensed a change in confidence again.

“I think it will be a wonderful game of football,” Rodgers added.

“Arsenal have some outstanding players, but we had a very close game up there earlier in the season and I think we have grown since then.

“We showed over Christmas that we are improving all the time, and that anyone coming to the Liberty will be in for a very difficult game.”

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