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Taylor In The Spotlight

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Neil Taylor admits that life in the Premier League means that every mistake will get scrutinised

Taylor said “That’s the Premier League, you’re going to get scrutinised

“If you play at the back or in goal you’re more than likely only going to get mentioned if you have a bad game.

“If you get through unscathed and not highlighted it means you’ve done well as a backline and defended well as a team.

“It’s people’s jobs to analyse and pick out people, highlight things that went wrong and, against Wolves, we conceded two goals in the last eight minutes.

“So that’s going to get scrutinised. That’s part of it all. And it doesn’t bother us, we analyse the games ourselves and are more critical than anyone.

“If we work on what went wrong that’s the main thing.

“We all like it if the strikers and wingers get the plaudits because it means we’ve done our job, they’ve done theirs and if we’ve got Premier football next year because of that then we’ll be more than happy.

“After defeat at Norwich it was a massive improvement, and it had to be because the performance at Norwich wasn’t good enough,” reflected Taylor.

“When you step back and look at things it was a really good away performance and it’s something we can build on.

“We are back on home turf this week and hopefully we can do well. Whether you win, lose or draw you have to move on as the next game is completely different.”

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