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‘Angry’ McCarthy On The Fortunate Point

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Mick McCarthy was an angry man as he faced the press after his side got out of jail against the Swans

McCarthy said after the game “I’m always full of admiration for the way the players keep going and keep coming back and it was the same again today

“I always get the commitment – that’s never in doubt.

“It’s funny that when you’re having a toil and a struggle then everything is wrong from me to the performance of the players.

“The players might be lacking some confidence and when you concede a goal like we did it ebbs away again.

“But again I have to admire the way they have got us back into it and brought us a point.

“I’m delighted with that, and while there are other aspects I’m not so delighted with from the players’ point of view I’m thrilled with them because they are a great bunch.

“It seems my substitutions were hopeless, I got that all wrong and was just very fortunate.

“It’s not for me to discuss anything else and you’ve all seen the game and what happened in the game.

“You’ve all seen the result of the game and it was a great point for us and I’m delighted so let’s just emphasise the positives.

“The over-riding feeling is that the players kept going and the players got the result for themselves and for the club.

“That’s fabulous and I’m delighted although there are a lot of emotions swimming around in there believe me.

“They are red-hot at the moment – delighted with the result but angry with a lot of other things which I’m not going to talk about.

“There were loads of things that went wrong with the goals we conceded but I’m not going to stand here and analyse them all,” he said.

“We’ve conceded two goals a game for a while now which quite clearly isn’t good enough and we have to do something about it.

“We’ve needed something and have actually played a lot better in the other five games and got nothing.

“I’d said we needed a bit of luck or brilliance or something to get us those run of defeats and off seven points.

“If that’s our bit of luck and a turning point then brilliant but that will be judged in the weeks to come.

“We’ve got Manchester City twice now and they are playing like they are arguably champions-elect at the moment.

“So we’ll see how we get on against them.

“Giving up hope is not one of things that I do suffer from,” he said.

“I was still on the sidelines keeping cajoling them and making the subs and taking the flak and the hits.

“I never ever give up.

“I’m not sure we were jumping around and dancing and singing for joy after the game because it’s been a difficult day for us.

“When we go away and pick the bones out of it then it’s a good point.

“Could we have won the game?  If you’re 2-0 up and concede two you are always on the back foot and you are likely to concede again but having come back from 2-0 down I’m happy with the point.”

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