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Sinclair – It Was The Correct Decision

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Sinclair’s penalty earned a point for Swansea City against Barnsley and he insisted – despite Mark Robins claims to the otherwise – that it was the correct decision after the foul was on him.

Sinclair told the Evening Post “I was trying to get the ball and I felt contact. I’ve not dived

“You go in for the ball thinking you are trying to get a shot off and score, but if the keeper comes out and gets you then you’re going down.

“The Barnsley players weren’t happy, but it’s part of the game — people go home and talk about speculation in the game, but I’m not bothered what people say.

“I know the correct decision was made.

“Every time I take a penalty I get more confident. I pick a spot and stick to it,” he said.

“There were a few guys who stayed after training to take penalties at Chelsea — like Frank Lampard — and I used to get involved.

“But there’s a big difference in taking penalties in training and in games.

“As I step up to the spot I feel confident to take it and that’s very important.

“The main thing is consistency throughout the season,” he said. “We didn’t get the win at Barnsley but we got a point and if we can keep grinding out results then we should be up there.

“One point is better than none. We didn’t start with our usual game as we found it difficult to pass it on that pitch.

“But these are the type of games where we have to show our character and try to grind teams down to get a result.

“I don’t think we can be unhappy with what we got.”

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