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“Jermaine Will Be Judged On His Football Merits”

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Rodgers picked up Cardiff born Jermaine Easter on a two month loan from MK Dons yesterday and immediately was greeted with a hostile reaction from sections of the support who remember a goal celebration by Easter for Wycombe.

However, Rodgers was unconcerned about that celebration and stated that he should be judged on what he does on the pitch not what he may have done in the past.

“He’ll just have to run that bit harder then!” joked Rodgers.

“The fact is I will be judging him on his football merits and hopefully his talents can do the talking from now on. I’m sure he’ll be very keen to show supporters that can be forgotten about.

“I wouldn’t tell our supporters what to do because they are intelligent people, but I always ask them to support anyone in a white shirt because I can guarantee he will be giving everything here or he will not be in the team.

“There may be a bit of history, but I’m sure he will keen to make up for that.”

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