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Kemy Ready For Carling Cup Start

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The Swansea City midfielder made his debut in Saturday’s win over Leicester at the Liberty and is now in line for a possible start at Wigan on Tuesday.

“I had an injury and I knew I had to get back first before I could make an impact in the team,” he told the Evening Post.

“I’ve worked hard and I was happy to be on the pitch on Saturday.

“I am there (fitness-wise), though my knee is still sore after a while, but I can do everything now so I can be there in the next game.

“I want to be involved in every game now.

“We try to play good football, and that is the most important thing for myself

“I love to play football and this system is perfect for me.

“It’s all about the quality in our team. It doesn’t really matter if you are Dutch, Spanish or whatever, the quality is there and we have to prove it on the pitch.

“It was the first thing I noticed when I was on trial in Holland, I didn’t expect the way we were playing football.

“It was like I was watching a Dutch team playing football.

“Normally Englisg League teams are more kick and rush, but Swansea try to keep the ball, play football and make angles. It’s the way I like to play.

“The positioning, quality of play and quality in the squad is perfect.

“I’ve worked hard to get back, but it is not about me, we’ve had a great result for the team and that’s the most important thing,” he said.

“We had to score a goal otherwise they were going to keep coming and coming.

“After the first goal we started to really play football without pressure on us. They started to play the long ball and you know you have to be strong in defence also.

“But we had a great game, even though it was a difficult test.”

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