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Martinez Ready For Swans Reception

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More than 4000 Swans fans will make the trip North to Wigan to see their side take on Martinez’ new charges in the Latics.

Showing Wigan what away support can be like will be one thing but Martinez is also braced for a ‘warm’ reception from the Swans fans – many of whom have not forgotten him walking out on the club a little more than twelve months ago.

But he insists that it does not change his feelings towards the Swans as he explained to Wales on Sunday “I know what could happen – and I accept it

“Whatever happens on the night I’ll accept it and I’ll respect any views of the fans.

“But my feelings to the football club and the attachment I have will never change because it goes back too long. Not just as a manager, but from my time there as a player too.

“I understand the feelings from some for what happened when I left, but I’m confident in time that when we look back we can all be very proud of the memories we had together.

“Things had to happen to allow the club to carry on the right path,” said Martinez. “I would never expect fans to accept that, not straight away. It takes time and I think there are those who look back and understand the great memories and the things we did together than will help for the future.

“When I joined we faced most difficult challenge in club’s history in the field, trying to save professional status.

“It was a very tough time with many sleepless nights just to go into the last game of the season with a chance of staying in the league. We achieved that and the bond gained from that day will never go.

“When I became manager, we established a clear way to play the game and we put in place things for the long term.

“I am proud to see the club still progressing and, whatever happens on Tuesday, I will take it and guarantee it won’t change that pride and my attachment to the club.

“Huw and the board are the ones that keep stability and in that respect I did not worry for the future of the football club,” he said.

“Perhaps there were short-term fears but I was at Watford and I could see that togetherness in the team again and the way they are enjoying their football again. There has to be a lot of credit for the board because they have made sure the foundations have stayed strong so that when the football club get into the Premier League they can kick on – and not at any risk.

“And in the manager they have someone who is a real gentleman when there are not many in football and he knows exactly what Swansea City needs.

“He has brought all departments back together again and there is a real feeling of the football club pulling in the same direction.

“When that happens then you know they will be successful.”

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