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Huw: We Are Ready To Go Anywhere

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The Swansea City Chairman is having it good at the moment.  He has been at the helm since the club faced winding up through a battle against relegation from the league to now just a few years later being on the verge of the biggest golden ticket in football.

Promotion to the Premier League would increase the Swans budgets massively but Huw says that the team and the club is ready should they be celebrating the ultimate promotion come May.

Speaking via the club’s official website, Huw said “We are ready to go anywhere, and we could cope with playing in the Premier League.

“Everybody knows that there is a bit of a gap between the top four or five clubs in the top division and everyone else.

“But I think the rest of the division is much of a muchness.

“I believe a lot of the top Championship sides would compete with a lot of the clubs in the Premier League, and we are one of those sides.

“We have to be pleased and proud of what we have achieved so far this year when you consider what happened last summer.

“But when you watch us play, you can see the belief is there and the character is there for us to do whatever we want to do.

“I know a lot of other clubs will believe that as well, but the belief is certainly there within our squad.”

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