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Jenkins Happy To Argue With Paulo

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The Swansea City Chairman revealed about the arguments in today’s paper but before Swansea fans start to worry about a rift between manager and Chairman he also said that they had a good laugh about them later.

Jenkins was full of praise for the man he selected last summer to take over from Roberto Martinez after his former manager ripped the heart out of the coaching staff at the club throwing the close season into disarray.

Sousa was selected and has lifted the side into 4th place in the Championship with realistic dreams of competing in the Premier League next season.

“I’ve had a few arguments with him but you can only respect him for fighting his corner.   That’s the type of man Paulo is.   We have a laugh about it afterwards.

“Paulo has definitely got what it takes.  He played at the top and I’ve got no doubts he can go all the way to the top as a manager.

“I felt Roberto would work in the Premier League and it’s the same with Paulo.   He’s got a desire to be the best.  He knows how to handle players and tactically he’s switched on.  I’m 100 per cent sure he’s got the qualities needed to manager in the Premier League.  Hopefully it will be with Swansea.

“It wasn’t easy taking over from Roberto.  I think alot of people thought our bubble would burst when he left.   But Paulo has jept things going and we’re now in a stronger position than this time last year.   He had a rough time at QPR but he’s shown with us what a good manager he is.

“He’s a winner – he hates losing.   He also knows what he wants and he’s not afraid to make big decisions.

“These are all the qualities you need if you want to manage at the highest level.”

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