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Sir Bobby Remains Close To Paulo’s Heart

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The Swansea City boss and one of football’s true gentlemen became close during their time together at Sporting Lisbon and Sir Bob’s passing earlier this year means that now – according to Paulo – his spirit is always close to him.

Speaking to Wales on Sunday, Sousa said “I hope his soul can come close to me and give me all the happiness, emotions and enthusiasm that he always had

“I remember how he was on the sidelines, the way he motivated his players and I hope it can inspire me at Newcastle.

“I feel him all the time and will never forget him. His spirit will be there and next to me all the time.

“Bobby was a big influence for me. I always keep him in my heart.

“I never forget his face or what he did for me. He made me feel important, made me believe in myself and taught me a lot of how to be a better person.

“He was the one that taught me to be more enthusiastic and not so shy.

“Bobby deserves to be a hero in world football. He always gave a lot and, even when he had a lot of problems with his health, there was still happiness in his face.

“He was very charitable to everyone and would help anyone he could. He’s someone who can’t be forgotten in football.”


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