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Cardiff City Given 1800 Liberty Tickets

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The Welsh Derby between Swansea City and Cardiff City was feared to be the subject of an away fan ban thanks to escalating police costs that caused reports that away fans could be banned in a bid to bring down costs.

It appears that the powers that be at South Wales Police demand far higher figures then any of their police counterparts up and down the country to do the job of policing a football match.

Indeed, as a cynic said previously on this subject – it almost appears that the costs of policing go up as soon as Sky say they want to televise the game as if they want their own share of the TV revenue.

South Wales police have also come under criticism this season for forcing Bristol City fans to travel to the Liberty under the rules of a bubble trip where as their Bristol counterparts have already stated that Swansea fans will be able to travel under their own accord for the return fixture later this season.

Many people have commented that the police are already seeing football matches as a way of recouping some of their budgetary shortfalls and had Cardiff fans been banned from the Liberty then it would have been not just crap for the game itself but also a shame for football and taken away the edge that every football derby brings about.

Common sense though appears to have prevailed and 1800 Bluebirds will descend on the Liberty in just over two weeks time for the first of this season’s league derbys both of which ended 2-2 last season.

Ticket arrangements for the visting fans will be announced on Monday

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