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Wellens Hits Back Against Britton Spit Claims

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Events turned sour when a minor altercation between both sets of players erupted after Doncaster midfielder James Coppinger was left unconscious on the pitch following a physical battle for possession. However it was not until the end of the game did Britton make allegations that Wellens had spat in his face following the injury to the former Exeter City player.

It led to the Londoner branding the Mancunian a coward after the game as he told the BBC, he said “It’s the first time it has ever happened to me and hopefully the last because it’s a disgusting thing. It’s a bit of a cowardly thing to do.”

This afternoon the former Oldham player has hit back against Britton and has claimed he did not spit in the face of the 26 year old midfielder as he declared on Doncaster Rover’s offical site, his statement read , “I am disappointed that Leon Britton has come out in the newspapers and on the web with the accusation that I spat in his face, which he quite clearly later says was not a face to face spit. He also called me a coward, which I found distasteful; as in 10 years and over 400 games I have never been called that. “

“I did not spit in his face, but as usual I was clearing my throat and did not aim anything his way. No one, including their manager, can say they saw me spit in his face and all there had been was the usual pushing and shoving, which usually stays on the field. Everyone should have been coming off the field and talking about the good football that Swansea had played to win the game but instead, because of the ‘bigging’ up of the situation by him, all the talk was about something that did not happen. That for me was one of the most disappointing parts of it all. “

Following his dismissal after rash challenge on Jordi Gomez, Wellens was seen engaging in a heated row with Swansea City manger Roberto Martinez over the previous incident but has apologised to Doncaster fans for his behaviour as he left the field of play, he added “The only thing I regret was arguing with their manager Roberto Martinez as I came off when I got the red card. I should have ignored everything and walked straight off and for that I apologise”

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