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Bodde Vows To Come Back Stronger

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Just days after being ruled out for the rest of the season, Ferrie Bodde has vowed to come back stronger and better than before as he begins a lengthy rehabilitation and recovery process.

Admitting he was playing the best football of his career in the last few months, the 26 year old midfielder was left cursing after sustaining cruciate ligament damage to his knee, the second such injury to strike within the Swansea City squad in two months as he told the SWEP,” I am not happy about being out — it’s a big disappointment because I felt I was playing as well as I have since the first couple of years of my career back home in Holland.”

Speaking after his MRI scan that confirmed the worst fears of the Swansea medical staff a disconsolate Bodde has vowed not to let the injury overcome him and has promised the Liberty Stadium faithful that he will come back fitter and stronger he said “I will come back bigger and stronger and I think even better. Not say for sure, of course, but I am confident enough to say that I can do that.I am injured, yes, but you don’t forget how to kick a ball just because you’re injured.

He added, “You have to be positive and I am looking at when I can make my comeback.That’s the best thing you can do in a disappointing situation like this.”


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