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Swansea City Football Club have produced the following statement regards recent stewarding complaints aimed at the stadium and also following a Supporters Trust meeting with stadium officials last week

The statement, taken from the official web site reads:

“There has been a certain amount of negative publicity recently regarding the atmosphere, or lack of it, at Swansea City games played at the Liberty Stadium.

In some quarters this has been linked to the alleged over enthusiasm of stadium stewards to enforce rules and regulations that have been implemented to ensure the safety of spectators at sporting events.

Representatives of the club, Stadium Management Company, Safety Advisory Group and supporters groups have met recently to discuss a way forward. All parties were unanimous in their belief that we want to offer a friendly day out and a memorable occasion for everybody who attends fixtures at the Stadium.

A major part in our fans enjoyment is to be allowed to support the team vociferously through the traditional singing and chanting experienced at grounds the length and breadth of the country.

While the laws of the land strictly prevent persistent standing, i.e. standing throughout the game, we feel that there is nothing wrong with supporters leaving their seat in moments of high excitement, provided they return to a seated position once a goal has been scored or the attacking moment has passed.

In order to facilitate this atmosphere, all parties have agreed to take a more relaxed attitude to this type of celebration provided that it is not abused at any time.

Finally, recent press reports suggest a zero tolerance attitude has been adopted by our stewards at times. We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that the vast majority of stewards employed at the stadium are Swansea City fans and perform the role out of a genuine love for the club.

Both the club and Stadium Management Company receive countless letters after every game, from both home and away fans, praising the attitude of the stewards on duty and commenting that the way they go about their role adds enjoyment to the day out.

Swansea City currently sit proudly at the top of League One and to remain there need your continued passionate support. We feel that by the supporters, club and authorities working together as one, we can once more make the Liberty Stadium a place where every away team will not look forward to playing their football.

The old North Bank at the Vetch Field used to be worth a goal start to the team. Let’s get that feeling and atmosphere back.”

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