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Programme – Cambridge

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Well Saturday was a bit of a disappointment wasn’t it? We all wondered whether we could manage without Lee leading our attack and I thought we could have done but sadly it was a poor game all round and certainly not keeping with the displays we have seen at the Vetch this season. However, it could (and hopefully will) be just a one-off and thankfully we have the chance to put matters right straight away with this game against Cambridge. I am sure that the players and management will want to see an improvement in fortunes tonight and with results pretty much going our way this weekend let’s hope to capitalise and get three points.

Of course there were good things to come out of Saturday’s game. The return to action of Roberto Martinez was a welcome sight as well as Brad Maylett being back in the team. With these people coming back then we have selection problems again – a problem that I am sure Brian Flynn will happily live with. Rumour has it that next weekend we could see an almost fully fit squad – Richie Evans will have no idea what to do with all his spare time at this rate!! Let’s hope that we can keep some of these people fit – much of which will depend whether opposition management can actually tell their players to play the game as it was meant to be played.

It was interesting that Kidderminster sacked their manager following the draw at the weekend – makes you almost certain that his fate was decided whatever the result on the weekend. More surprising maybe to see Jan Molby back at the Harriers especially when you consider some of his comments when he left the club first time around to take the job at Hull. Never ceases to amaze me this game of ours.

Those of you who are regular readers of this page will remember a few weeks ago I told you about Scott Thornberry at Darlington who was forced to shut his web-site temporarily because of problems with George Reynolds, the chairman at Darlo. Well a slight update for you in that Scott has now given up publishing the web-site because of continued problems with the man. Late night visits and constant threats to sue the web site have led Scott to the decision that it’s just not worth it and life is too short to carry on like that. It certainly does come to something when you hear of football clubs treating their supporters with such disdain and I add here my personal thanks to the board of Swansea City who are generally appreciative of the work that goes into running the web-sites that you can find about the Swans.

There was some discussion on the internet last week regards the criticism of players after matches. It does seem that some players are immediately singled out for criticism as soon as they touch the ball at times which is unfair. My viewpoint on this is a simple one – no matter how the game is progressing the players deserve our support throughout the 90 minutes and it’s after the game that we discuss the pluses and minuses of how they have performed. It certainly seems on the ‘net that two or three people are singled out for criticism no matter what the performance is which seems unfair but is that a way of life? You tell me.

And finally this week – when things feel bad or they are getting you down regards the results – cast your mind back – first one year and then two years and realise just how good this season is!


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