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Trust Letter To EP

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Sir, The Morfa Stadium project lurches from one failed start date to yet another and it must surely now be the time for our local authority to come clean to the supporters of both Swansea City, Swansea RFC and the rate paying people of Swansea about the whole matter.

The Post has recently highlighted the trail of broken promises made to the electorate by the council leadership and its key development officer, Byron Owen. Whilst the public have been continually promised that work will start, the only real development at the site, since June, is the construction and subsequent painting of a perimeter fence.

To some this might indicate the partitioning of the site with a view to excavation taking place. However, the exact opposite seems to be the case, the said fence only serving to heighten the council’s embarrassment whilst hiding only the truthful picture………one of ineptitude and procrastination.

Swansea City Supporters Trust represents its members, has part ownership of the club and is seen as a respected voice for the club’s fans. It has, for some time, attempted to determine the facts behind this project and more recently Trust officers and members were party to a detailed presentation by council officials. The Trust was assured that, not only would the stadium be built, regardless of all outside investment being in place, but that work would begin shortly with the removal of an underground cable from the site.

This meeting took place nearly two months ago !! Since that time no work has been carried out and indications now surface that the ” New Stadium ” (as the council wish it termed ), may not be ready before January 2004 and that, furthermore, it may only be partially complete by then !!. Also of concern is the fact that staff at the Morfa, appear to have been informed that they could now be finishing work in January 2003 and not October as they were led to believe. This must raise grave doubts about the so called start date(s) suggested by the council.

The stadium is a key factor in the future of the Swans and vitally important to the city as a whole and the Trust Board believes, as, no doubt do all the people of Swansea, that the council is failing miserably in its deliverance of this project and that the time has come, perhaps, for a public show of no confidence in the authority’s officials.

Furthermore, it calls upon the council to publicly explain the reasons behind this further delay and confirm, (if it dares ) the EXACT dates of commencement and proposed completion, so that the people of Swansea can monitor closely the authority’s future performance in relation to this scheme. In the Board’s opinion, nothing less than an immediate start coupled with a speedy completion will be acceptable. Will we however, get either ??

The Board Swansea City Supporters Trust 57 St Helens Road, Swansea

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